Company Instruction

Quanzhou Buen-knit Machinery Co., Limited have more than 10 years experence in the design and production of

circular knitting machines and it’s parts.

We have a large group of qualified technicians and a high efficiency production team.

We import many high precision equipment for production (CNC, Large CNC computerized milling machine, Large

Milling Machine Gear Etc.)to improve productivity, control the quality of products and to meet customer demand.

buen-knit factory1

We have been cooperated with professional production team from Taiwan which has more then 30 years experience

in designing and manufacturing circular knitting machines. We developed knitting machine which can run two sizes in

one machine. We call it dual-size circular knitting machines. This new technology keep up with international trend

“Energy-Saving and Emission-Reduction” It save your factory space and also save your investment cost on


buen-knit factory2

Our machines mainly include as below:

Single/double jersey electronic jacquard circular knitting machine,

links links electronic jacquard circular knitting machine,

Rib transfer mesh electronic jacquard circular knitting machine

4 tracks single jersey circular knitting machine

3 thread fleece circular knitting machine

single/double terry circular knitting machine

single/double jersey open width circular knitting machines

double jersey interlock circular knitting machines

Rib circular knitting machines

Body size circular knitting machines etc

buen-knit factory3

After many years of development, our company has become one of the largest

textile machines suppliers in domestic and all over the world. We have launched the office

of after-sales services in many appointment in China and also sell machines in many countries

like Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Iran, Syria, Egypt, India, Bangladesh, Tukey, Vietnam,

Pakistan, Zambia, South Korea, etc

buen-knit customers

By the professional technique and a good continuous service, our goal is to establish “BUEN-KNIT”to one of the top

famous brand circular machine in the world. We welcome the agents, dealers and knitting factories from around the

world to cooperate with us.

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