• buen knit workshop
    Welcome to BUEN-KNIT!
    Good quality machine with best after sale services.
  • buen-knit machine factory
    Welcome to BUEN-KNIT
    High precision make sure machine quality.
  • Welcome to BUEN-KNIT!
    Top Knitting Machine Manufacture in China.
    Welcome to BUEN-KNIT!
    Keep good relationship with customers.


We always believe that to doing long time business is to satisfy our customers by providing them good quality machines and best after sales services.

  1. High Production Capacity

    1000-1200 circular knitting machines produced in Buen-knit factory every year.

  2. Good Machine Performance

    We use good quality raw material to set up machine body, which make sure machine with high precision and long time good performance.

  3. Professional Technicial Team

    We have a good technicial teams which produces many high technology machines. We are the only company in China can make electronic jacquard links links knitting machines.

  4. Competitive Price

    We have a self-owned machine parts factory – from cams to cylinders –  enabling us to offer the machine with different specifications you need at the most reasonable prices.

  5. 1-Year Warranty Support

    Free replacement of broken spare parts during warranty period. Technicians can be sent to your factory to install machines if necessiary.


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