Links Links Electronic Jacquard Circular Knitting Machine

Model HFLL Diameter 30",34" Gauge 12-19G Feeder 24F,28F Motor 3.7-5.5KW

  • Machine description
  1. Links links Electronic Jacquard Circular Knitting Machines adopt with two needle beds and computer jacquard system which makes purl jacquard fabric have both face and reverse loops. It’s your best choice machine to make high grade knitted fabric.
  2. The tricks of the two needle beds in a links links machine are exactly opposite to each other and in the same plane, so that the single set of links-links needles, each of which has a hook at either end, can be transferred across to knit outwards from either bed. Knitting ourwards from one bed, the needle will produce a face meshed needle loop with the newly-fed yarn whilst the same needle knitting outwards with its other hook from the oppsite bed will produce a reverse meshed needle loop.
  • Machine features
  1. Any complicated structure and design of fabric can be convert to special control system by computer, which can knit various designs of jacquard fabric.
  2. Links links electronic jacquard circular machine can work with cotton yarn and chemical fiber yarn, it can also work with lyra yarn, which produce jacquard spandex fabrics with high quality.
  3. The bed plate is made of steel ball runway structure with oil immersion, which guarantee the machine with stable running, low noise and high abrasion resistant.
  4. Components for drive system is made by superior material through high efficient heat treatment. Gear and other main components are made in Taiwan and bearing are imported from Japan. All of these make the machine with high precision drive system, low running noise and stable operation.
  5. Links links electronic jacquard circular machine equip with muti-feeders and machine running at high speed, which can achieve production capacity at about 200kgs-300kgs per 24 hours.

BUEN-KNIT linking electronic jacquard knitted fabrics

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