• mattress ticking knitting machines
  • mattress ticking knitting machines
  • mattress ticking knitting machines
  • Mattress ticking cover knitted fabric circular knitting machine

Mattress ticking cover fabric electronic jacquard circular knitting machines

Model HFDJ-MT Diameter 30-38" Gauge 18-28G Feeder 72-84F Motor 5.5KW

  • Machine description

Becaused of the 2-way technology, circular knited fabrics provide good support for modern mattresses. Our mattress ticking knitting machines are ideal for the production of mattress ticking fabrics because they have been specially designed for mattress production and ensure highly productive operation.Electronic needles selection allows translate patterns to be knitted simultaneously in a single work step.

  • Machine Features
  1. Professional designed CAM system with high speed make sure needles with long life.
  2. The Mattress ticking electronic jacquard knitting machine base plate is made of steel ball runway structure with oil immersion, which guarantee the machine with stable running, low noise and high abrasion resistant.
  3. Machine equiped with exclusive jacquard feeders to enhance fabric quality.
  4. Lint blower reduces the incidence of knitted-in lint slubs, to improve quality when using open-end spun yarns. It also reduces cross-contamination by fibres from other machines.
  5. Components and parts for driving system of Mattress ticking electronic jacquard knitting machine is made by superior material through high efficient heat treatment. Gear and other main components are made in Taiwan and bearing are imported from Japan. All of these make the machine with high precision drive system, low running noise and stable operation.
  6. Material of cylinder for Mattress ticking electronic jacquard knitting machine is stainless steel which is imported from Japan, which make sure the cylinder have high quality and good performance.
  • Product application

Mattress ticking fabrics, mattress cover fabric, knitted jacquard mattress fabrics, lay-in yarn fabric, filling mattresses fabrics

  • Fabric Samples

mattress ticking fabric

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