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Single Pile Loop Terry Circular Knitting Machine

Model HFST Diameter 16-40" Gauge 7-24G Feeder 1.6-2F/inch Motor 3.7-5.5KW

  • Machine description

 Single Pile Loop Terry Circular Knitting Machine is designed to create the perfect even loop shapes. The model can produce shearing fabric in less wastage and make perfect brush terry fabric & plain terry in sinker loop length 2.2-2.7mm. Single pile loop terry machine have two types, one is normal terry, the other is reverse terry. Difference is reverse terry can see the base yarn in both sizes of fabrics.

  • Machine Features
  1. If you choose dual-size for single pile loop terry circular knitting machine, one diameter machine can be changed into anoher diameter machine. For example, 34″ 54F can be interchanged with 30″ 48 F
  2. Two different diameters but the heart and the cams can be interchanged.
  3. Machine install revolution counters for each of the three shifts and a pre-set counter for stopping the machine on completion of a specific fabric length.
  4. Single terry pile loop knitting machine have advantage of cooling rapidly, which increasing the life of needles and cams.
  5. The mirco-adjustment of the cam box makes the size between the cams and they cylinders can be controlled.
  6. Material of cylinder is stainless steel which is imported from Japan, which make sure the cylinder have high quality and good performance.
  7. The bed plate of  single pile loop terry circular knitting machine is made of steel ball runway structure with oil immersion, which guarantee the fleecy machine with stable running, low noise and high abrasion resistant.

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