25Jul 2015
knitted loop structure

knitted structures are progressively built-up from row after row of intermeshed loops. The newly-fed yarn is converted into a new loop in each needle hook. the needle then draws the new loop head first thrugh the old (fabric) loop, which it has retained from the previous knitting cycle. The needles, at the same time, release,(cast-off […]

25Jul 2015
circular knitting machine

Originally, the terms”machine” used to refer to a mechanism on a beared needles frame such as fashioning mechanism on the straight bar frame. Today, it refers to the complete assembly A knitting machine is thus an apparatus for applying mechanical movement, either hand or power derived, to primar knitting elements, in order to convert yarn […]

23Jul 2015
knitting parts

Knitting parts is the central component of circular knitting machine, it is the base for making fabric with good quality. So it’s very important to keep maintenance on the knitting parts. Cleaning the needle grooves to stop dirt coming into the fabric with needles. Method is, use the low grade yarn or rejected yarn to run […]

23Jul 2015
Maintenance of circular knitting machine

1.Daily maintenance of circular knitting machine Each production shift should clear away the yarn fluff on the machine and yarn creel. Keep the knitting parts and winding parts clean. Each production shift should check the automatic stop device and safety device. If there’s any abnormal situation, should repair or replace immediately. Check the positive yarn feeders, […]

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