01Oct 2015
single jersey knitting machines

Single jersey knitting machines whose latch needle cylinder and sinker ring revolve through the satationary knitting cam systems that, together with their yarn feeders, are situated at regular intervals around the circumference of the cylinder. The yarn is supplied from cones , placed either on an integral overhead bobbin stand or on a free-standing creel, […]

30Sep 2015
8 eight lock interlock circular knitting machine

8 Eight lock interlock knitting machines makes the fabric is a 2×2 version of interlock that maybe produced using an arrangement of two long and two short needles, provided all the tricks are fully cut through to accommodate them and knock-over bits are fitted to the verges to assist with loop formation on adjacent needles […]

27Sep 2015
Interlock Circular Knitting Machine

Interlock Circular Knitting Machine normally must have the followings: 1 Interlock gating, the needles in two beds being exactly opposite each other so that only one of the two can knit at any feeder. 2 Two separate cam systems in each bed, each controlling half the needles in an alternate sequence, one cam system controlling […]

29Aug 2015
three thread fleece knitting machine

The preferred method today for making three thread fleece fabric is to use a top needle butt and cam-track for knitting the ground(face) and tie-in (binding) yarns, and four tracks and corresponding buts positions(which can be arranged) for the fleece tucking sequence. Below are the steps for production of a three thread fleece circular knitting machines. […]

24Aug 2015
three-thread fleecy loop structure

Speciality fabrics include fleecy, plush, high pile and wrap fabrics. Although some constructions are unique to a single type of circular knitting machines, others may be knitted on a range of machinery. The surface effects of fleecy, plush or pile are developed during the finishing process usually on the technical back of single faced fabric. […]

14Aug 2015
circular knitting machine production

Weft knitted fabrics maybe  approximately divided into single or double jersey(“double-knit”) according to whether they were knitted with one or two sets of needles. It maybe preferable to include some of these fabrics in separate groupings of underwear and speciality fabrics. Pelerine eyelet, sinker wheel mesh tructures and float plated fabrics are mainly used for […]

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